Suited 4 Success


Suited For Success program focuses on the 3 R’s that help men who are in transition.


is the first step: “Give a Man a fish, you feed him for a day, Teach a Man to fish, you feed him for life”. By starting the rebuilding process, our mentors and coaches can start to change the mindset of our clients to help them keep their focus on the long term goal of obtaining and retaining employment. We have certified and licensed professional in our network who offer virtual and in person workshops and coaching services. As our program motto states: “We change the Mind, Body and Soul of a man, one “Suit” at a Time”.


is the second step: “First Impressions” are visual. When a man shows up for a job interview, he is making a lasting impression to the interviewer even before he opens his mouth to speak. Our clients are given a full suit of clothing for the interview, and once they obtain and maintain employment for 60 days, they are invited back to the programs clothing closet to get a second business casual outfit to help in building their working wardrobe. That’s why Suited for Success strives to live by our program motto. “Changing the Mind, Body and Soul of our clients, one Suit at a Time”


is the final step in our process on the road to helping Men reenter the community and be prepared mentally, spiritually, and physically to begin the process of taking their rightful place in their homes, on their jobs, and in the communities where they live. Our team of mentoring programs like, A.D.A.M (Anointed Dedicated Appointed Men) who go into our jails and mentor, motivate and encourage incarcerated men who are about to transition out with basic resources that will help keep them from going back to the same environment that caused them to be locked up. As a part of the S4S program development, participants of the program who have obtained employment give back by helping a new participant navigate the process of reentry to decrease the chances of Recidivism. Short and Simple concept “Each One Reach One”!

Fishers of Men our second mentoring and coaching group provides personal and professional financial and wellness coaching to men and young boys from all walks of life. They teach the importance of having a solid financial foundation to build on once they become employed.