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Shara Mondy

Author/Lifestyle Coach/Non Profit Expert Consultant

Shara Mondy, a seasoned and successful non-profit expert consultant, author, corporate speaker, lifestyle coach and celebrity lifestyle coach working with some of televisions top stars. She is one of the most respected and sought-after advocates on transitional and supportive services for men and women, and professional image in the workplace.
In 2015 Mondy authored her first Anthology book project entitled, "So You Want To Be A Life Coach" which outlines the journey of "WHY" she became a Life Coach using her passions to earn a profit. Mondy has been featured nationally in magazines, TV, radio and as a panel speaker advocating for underserved men and women in transition needing supportive services to re-enter the workforce.
Mondy is the CEO and Founder of the non-profit community service organization, Suited For Success Jacksonville, Inc., (S4S) which provides interview suits along with personal and professional development services to disadvantaged clients seeking employment and reentry back into the community. Our target clients are: Women who are in transition seeking employment and coaching, we also support Ex-offenders, Veterans, Homeless and Military transitioning into civilian life. Suited 4 Success is "Changing the Mind, Body & Soul of clients, one "Suit" at a time."

The mission of Suited 4 Success is to empower men and women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help thrive in work and in life.